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Drone pilots agency and film-making company

Our passion at your service since 2015

The photography and the film making is at the beginning a passion and we made it our job. That’s why we take so much pleasure to work with you on your projects.

We launched our company “Bali Drone Production” in 2016 and since then have expanded our range of services to different levels. We are really proud to have the chance to work with all our exceptional customers and hope that you will soon be part of it.

Arnaud Denisot

CEO & DOP BalidDroneProduction

Drones Services

Piloting drones is our root and we are proud of our skill, do not hesitate to contact us to hire a pilot, or drone operator

Film-making company

Making your vision a reality is our everyday job. Tell us your idea and we will make the video of your dreams.


We produce videos or photos from A to Z, from the shooting to the final broadcast. We can also offer our editing services in independent contract.


Our team is a lover of photos. We can work on a large panel of activities : wedding, real-estate, company profile, landscape, fashion, branding, food, and more…

Official company

Don’t take any risk to hire someone out from the law. Our company is fully registered in the commercial register. 

Licensed Pilot

We regularly use drones to make our photos or videos. We take the regulations very seriously, which is why our pilots are all certified by the government.

“We work without borders”

We go where you need us, don’t hesitate to ask a quotation wherever is your project !

Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawasi, Sunda Islands, Maluku Island,

Bali, Bornéo, Lombok, Komodo, Sumba, Timor, Binten, Papua, Flores,

Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan.


Contact With Us

Stay in contact with us, we will be happy to answer your question and speak about your project.


Our other websites

As explained, BDP real estate is a specialized branch from Bali Drone Production, the head office. 

Please take a minute to visit our other websites and discovers all the services we offer to you.

MSDI - High-end Lidar Mapping

MSDI is providing UAV solutions for industry and topography in indonesia. Drone 3D Mapping, High-end LiDAR technology, High accuracy for real estate or civil engineering project, forest management, Oil & GAS, corridor, mining, 3D model, Archaeology, Asset inspections.

Bali Drone Production

Bali Drone production is our head office.  We offer all kind of drone services and videography service (aerial and ground), and you can hire a pilot for your personal or professional project. We proposed recently a new service, the drone rental, so you can now rent a drone for the fun or for working.